India Hook United Methodist Church
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Date                      Event                                      Location                                 Time                  Audience  ​

Tues, June 15th       Evangelism                                Family Life Center                        6:00 PM          Team and others

Wed, June 16th       Painting with Friends                  Family Life Center                        10:00 AM         All interested

Wed, June 16th       Prayer Group                              Sanctuary                                     1:00 PM          All interested

Thurs, June 17th     Yoga/Movement Disorders         Family Life Center                         10:00 AM        All interested

Thurs, June 17th      Al-Anon                                      Family Life Center                         12:00 PM       All interested

Sat, June 19th         "Sunday" School                        Facebook                                       10:00 AM       Kids/Adults

Sat, June 19th         Story Time                                  Facebook                                       11:00 AM.      All interested

Sun, June 20th        Worship                                      Ebenezer Park shelter                    8:30 AM        Everyone!   

Sun, June 20th        Choir Rehearsal                         Sanctuary                                       10:15 AM      Singers

Sun, June 20th        Worship                                      Sanctuary and Facebook               11:00 AM       Everyone!

Mon, June 21st        Line Dancing                              Family Life Center                         10:00 AM       All interested

Wed, June 23rd       Painting with Friends                  Family Life Center                         10:00 AM       All interested

Wed, June 23rd       Prayer Group                              Sanctuary                                      1:00 PM        All interested

Thurs, June 24th     Yoga/Movement Disorders         Family Life Center                          10:00 AM      All interested

Thurs, June 24th     Al-Anon                                       Family Life Center                          12 noon        All interested

​Coming Up!
    Safe Sanctuary Training--July 14th and July 19th at 7 p.m. You need attend only one session. Everyone wishing to serve at Summer Nights, Sunday School, or in the nursery requires training, with background checks.

     Leadership Training--The entire congregation is encouraged to attend training on Sunday, July 25th and Sunday, August 8th from 3-5 p.m. with Congregational Specialist Chris Lynch. All committee members and chairs are requested to attend. Among other topics we will cover leadership roles, church structure, and how our teams coordinate to accomplish God's work through our congregation. 

​** If you are unable to attend church in person, we invite you to stop by the church to pick up an individual communion packet to participate in the Lord's Supper during Worship on the first Sunday of each month. Packets are available during office hours Monday -Thursday 9:00 am - 2:00 pm. 
Upcoming Events and Activities
Recent Events and Activities.  
Christmas Caroling for our Homebound Members
Making Valentines for Homebound members
Easter Sunday Services & Events
Making Easter Baskets and Cards for Homebound members